Ways To Protect Your Dedicated Server

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Are you seriously thinking of looking for a therapist online because you cannot handle the stress of securing your cyber information? You should know that your worries can end once you protect your dedicated server, a.k.a the central computer.

This task does not have a difficulty level of 100, frankly speaking. Here are a few ways to accomplish that.

Obtain A Firewall

Securing your computer can take place by doing it yourself or making use of a dedicated server hosting company that is committed to providing the safeguarding needs of the dedicated server, such as the software and hardware firewalls. Having these things installed in your computer is highly essential to keep viruses and hackers from ever stealing information from the system.

If you are one of those PC handlers who use Linux-based servers, you may want to consider getting the Advanced Policy Firewall (APF). The primary reason is that it has a policy-based system that is quite easy to configure and utilize. Aside from that, you can also install a program called Brute Force Detection (BFD), which is mainly designed to see if there are abundant log-in attempts that come from a single IP address in just a short period. In case it gets detected, the program will then block the said address in the server firewall so that it will not be able to connect to the server again.

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Keep in mind that APF and BFD work in tandem. Meaning to say, you cannot install the BFD if you have not installed APF first since they need each other to function well. Furthermore, BFD requires some files that only APF has to run smoothly.

Ask Users To Sign In

The users should get required to log in through other user accounts as well as an alternative of being able to log in to root directly. The idea is similar to when Google, Yahoo! or another website asks for one more address to ensure that you are the one who’s trying to access the account. This form of defense aims to aid in server protection against potential hacking attempts.

You can do customization as well so that the e-mails will be delivered to you every time that there is a root login to your server. It gives you a chance to keep track of both authorized and unauthorized logins for future preference.

In terms of security purposes, it is recommended that you use an off-site e-mail address to prevent a hacker from opening your e-mail account following a successful hacked login. Since it is still not a perfect system because hackers can log in to SSH by creating their SSH connection, you should update your preferred antivirus program whenever possible. More than that, the default SSH port should also be altered.

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Check For Rootkits

You have to make sure as well that you or the server hosting company can run a rootkit checker on your dedicated server once a month at the least. This tool may or may not be available to download for free.

Additionally, guarantee that you have disabled any possible dangerous PHP functions. You should also have Apache DOS Resistance tuning (mod_evasive) and Apache Security enhancement (mod_security). In truth, the mod_security keeps tabs of attempted server intrusions and assists in blocking attacks on web applications. The mod_evasive module, meanwhile, provides evasive action when there is an HTTP DoS, DDoS or brute force attack. The module can easily get configured to communicate with server firewalls, ipchains, and routers and become developed for network managing and detection purposes.

Other Considerations

Server abuse has always been reported via e-mails and syslog facilities. Other methods that you can use to secure your dedicated servers is disabling services that are no longer in use, installing a virus scanner, and scanning for FTP uploads as often as you can. Passwords can also be strengthened by making them at least ten characters long and using special characters.

Final Thoughts

The security measures mentioned above are merely some of the things that you can implement to secure a dedicated server. You can try learning how to do it on your own if you have time. In case it seems challenging for you, you may work with a dedicated server hosting company that has experts on in this field. However, remember that server protection is something that you ought to prioritize from the start to avoid mishaps later.

Good luck!

Why Overcoming Gaming Addiction Sometimes Don’t Work

Throughout history, games and gaming have been an integral part of human expression of culture and identity, facilitating collaboration and creativity. — Mike Brooks Ph.D.

After the recent inclusion of video gaming addiction in the list of mental health issues, every individual’s family becomes worried about the wellness of their kids. That’s due to the factors pointed out in the condition where it damages the overall function of the human brain. And since there are instances that the situation gets ignored, the necessary procedure of overcoming the addiction requires a broad approach.

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It’s not that easy to accept the reality of the condition, especially if the person believes it to be ideologically incorrect. When he sees that there’s no point of asking a medical professional for help, then there is never going to be one. In some instances, a video game addict finds it hard to believe what health experts say. However, even if that’s the case, some gaming addicts tend to listen to those individuals who went through the same process of addiction and recovery. And even if it doesn’t necessarily aid the diagnosis, a simple conversation leads to a better type of counseling.

The revenue from the video game industry topped $25 billion dollars in 2010 alone (compared to Hollywood’s box office sales of $10.8 billion for the U.S. and Canada) and video games have become an important part of popular culture. — Romeo Vitelli Ph.D.

The Gaming Addiction

It is a gaming addiction when someone spends more than 8 to 10 hours a day in front of the computer. It goes for weeks and up to a couple of months and years. Though some may not see its potential damage, there are instances that it slowly creates a different life perspective. That is where a person develops an introverted personality that avoids social interactions. The busy schedule of playing video games becomes his escape for the functions he’s supposed to do outside the house.

Sometimes, others may still see themselves handling and balancing their video game addiction to their relationship with their friends and family or special someone, but there’s no assurance of a healthy commitment there. Every case of the situation tends to end up with the same results – increased mental health concerns.

The Fails Of Overcoming The Mental Condition

First of all, the process of overcoming video game addiction lies in the person’s potential to acknowledge the disorder. If he appears to recognize his need for medical treatment, then the individual can picture out positive outcomes. Because the dependency requires action, people somehow get stuck on the unhealthy way of treating the condition. Most of the time, they only rely on the internet for information not considering that every individuals’ needs differ from each other. The rehabilitation becomes useless because the person fails to determine his needs for medication and therapies.

People say that the only way to get over with addiction is by taking control over their lives. Yes, it seems very prominent and easy to do. However, for those people who are in a low aggravating situation, it’s not going to be that easy. The reality of “controlling one’s self” when there’s an addiction present in the case is merely impossible to obtain. The process requires professional diagnosis and health care assistance.

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If someone holds the belief that playing a violent video game will help them to blow off steam when they are angry, then they may choose to play violent video games when they are angry. — Art Markman Ph.D.

Experts believe that one way to get rid of video gaming addiction is by surrounding one’s self with tons of people. Yes, it is conceivable to do that, and it can precisely create a change in the dynamics of a person’s life. However, the fail of choosing the right people is crucial for the progress of addiction recovery. That’s because there are times that even if the individual thinks the people he surrounds himself with can help, there’s a tendency that he might influence them negatively. There’s a possible chance that instead of them picking him up, they might end up supporting his behavior because of the reasons are thrown at them.

Treating mental health illness means accepting that there’s something wrong. However, the problem with overcoming video game addiction is the avoidance of pain and sorrow. The fear of consistently experiencing emotional turmoil becomes one of the reasons why an individual doesn’t want to recover from the condition. But because others want to point out that the particular situation needs a resolution, they forget to see that the person is somehow struggling in creating decisions for himself. It becomes a long-term issue as it grows and entirely affects everything the individual does in his life.

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The other problem that concerns addressing gaming addiction lies in the eagerness of removing the habit instantly. It becomes the universal conclusion of what an addict should do. It is one of the most excellent advice that people give to those individuals who can get enough of their gaming lifestyle. However, what people in some way missed in the process is the importance of “phasing” in recovery. Nobody can instantly shift their mental state from being addicted to entirely functional. It takes time. Sometimes, it even doesn’t happen at all.

Individuals who suffer from gaming addiction needs help. But before someone tries to help them or attempt to say something to make them feel better, at least consider these things.

Compulsive Video Game Playing – A Mental Health Issue

After the World Health organization added the gaming disorder to the latest draft of its classification of is diseases, a lot of people begin to feel worried about their health. That’s because almost 70 percent of the population is hooked in playing video games. It is a move that stunned many people inside and outside the medical community. Some say that it is about time that we recognize the danger of excessive playing of video games since it shows a clear link to mental degradation. Though there are still no exact records of how many people are listed on “addict-gaming mode,” the associated cases of the condition always go back to its origin – compulsive playing.

Issues in behavior and attention span, both within an educational and a family setting, are often linked to the abundance of video games that today’s young people increasingly play, and such links have met with skepticism and support alike throughout the mental health communities. — John Smith Ph.D.

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In psychological research, compulsive video game playing affects the brain in a lot of ways. It can increase anger, agitation, impulsiveness, and stress. There’s a lot of arguing in the health department regarding the condition. However, some backed up research already made it clear that excessive video gaming has a strong connection to other mental health-related issues.

World Health Concern

The WHO confirms that the disorder is characterized by the escalation of the continuation of the gaming experience. That’s despite the obvious negative consequences it gives to people who spend almost 8 to 18 hours of game-time. Initially, people who start gaming seem to be fine so the health organization never really put too much attention on the issue.  However, after the number of gamers began to increase in a hundred percent and mental disorders rose up along with it, it sets the alarm in the entire world health involvement. That’s where the health-body realized that the average percentage of people addicted to gaming are prone to having severe anxiety, clinical depression, and other mental disorders.

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The thought of a video game still may strike horror into the hearts of many, but video games are just a digital manifestation of a very basic human behavior: play. — Pamela B. Rutledge Ph.D., M.B.A.

Some psychological research says that what these video games provide is a social outlet for other people. That’s because it generates social interaction through an online encounter. However, some mental health expert condemns and criticizes the classification of the disorder. They believe that there’s not enough evidence to support the claim of its advantages. They think that it’s not a social outlet but a tool that causes isolation.

Video game producers keep on creating games that keep people engaged in the experience. Almost all the games are everywhere to find. It’s available on television, computers, and even on mobile phones. A lot of people use these games for recreational purposes, and some of them play occasionally. However, while playing video game becomes the world’s national past-time, the World Health Organization thinks differently. They raised a red flag on the activity. Some experts even compared it to substance abuse and gambling disorder.

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Media stories continue to warn about the potential dangers of video game playing, including potential addiction, violent behaviour, and depression, usually in the aftermath of a violent incident linked to video game use (such as the revelation that Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman, Adam Lanza, regularly played shooter games). — Romeo Vitelli Ph.D.

Though some people still don’t think about excessive gaming as a threat, some are working their progress in keeping it low. There are cases of gaming addicts that undergoes therapy and 90-day detoxification away from playing any types of online or video games. The process of therapy ensures that gamers learn to set boundaries to help them save their relationships, family, and health.

Benefits Of Couples Therapy

couple's ring as symbol of marriage

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The Benefits of Couples Therapy

What are the benefits of couples therapy? Many couples ask this. Is therapy beneficial for most couples? They want to know if there are benefits of couples therapy, as couples therapy is among the most recommended by therapists these days.

The Benefits of Couples Therapy

Most couples who have tried couples therapy can attest to its amazing perks and how couples treatment has helped improve their relationship.

Couples therapy is a type of therapy that helps couples improve their relationship. What are some couples therapy tips? How is couples therapy different from other types of therapy like individual therapy or behavioral therapy?

Keeping a marriage last long has become more challenging these days than it was in the past. Unfortunately, there are already problems that couples may experience because of different circumstances that are present.

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A SMART Advice On How To Find The Best Cooling Pad

Cooling pads are probably among the most underrated computer accessories of all time. They keep laptops from overheating when you work or play with it for hours on end. They also minimize the risk of having to purchase a new device in case excessive usage makes the software slower than ever.

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Excellent PC’s For Crypto-Mining


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Crypto-mining is a computer operation which involves the extraction of cryptocurrency tokens from a network in the blockchain by continuously running and computing sets of an algorithm. There is a need for high-end computer parts to mine crypto-tokens efficiently. As a result, the prices of GPUs and other computer peripherals have gone up with the booming of crypto-mining businesses. However, if you are resolute with your decision in crypto-mining, you need to know the right computer requirements before you start. We do not recommend this venture because the PC’s you need are quite expensive but we are willing to help you anyways.

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What You Need to Consider When Buying a Laptop for the First Time

Purchasing your very first laptop must be done carefully to avoid wasting your money on something that can’t fulfill your needs.  You have to take important things in consideration such as your personal preferences, your purpose of buying, and the features that you want to see or experience. Not all laptops can be great for everything. Some are made specifically for certain tasks, which is why it is important to know how to buy the right one for you. Luckily, there are useful tips that can help you decide on what type of gadget will fit just right for you. Below are the things you need to consider before you buy your very first laptop.

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