Counseling For Hardcore Gamers: Overcoming Video Game Addiction

Gaming addiction is one of the most controversial addictions that ever existed. That is due to researches and studies that show that there are still quite a few benefits from indulging in it. However, in most experts’ opinions, like anything else, too much time playing video games can be dangerous to your physical, emotional, and mental health. Therefore, it would be nice to consider changing some of your video gaming lifestyles and incorporating discipline into your actions.

Most of the time, you know that you have a lot of responsibilities on your table. But since you find video games so entertaining, you keep on playing. That is, although you know you shouldn’t. Sadly, you can’t help it because you become addicted. Fortunately, you can do a few positive things to combat that unnecessary desire of hardcore playing of video games.


Record The Time You Spend On Your Hardcore Video Gaming

If you are too caught up with the habit of playing video games, it would be necessary to start recording how much time you usually spend in front of the computer or on your mobile phones in a day. You better have an idea of what is happening in your life when you miss out on all the fun outside, when you take for granted the people around you, and when you do not care about yourself. You must realize the impact of wasting time and damaging some significant aspects of your life, such as personal development, social relationships, and community involvement.

Truthfully, playing video games is not bad. The main purpose of it is to entertain and keep you busy when you feel anxious and preoccupied with stress. However, it becomes harmful to your overall well-being when you spend an unhealthy amount of time only paying attention to gaming. Thus, it would be best to assert some time and track how many hours you are playing and how often the habit makes you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.


Replace Video Games With Some Other Productive Task

Before you can genuinely make changes to your hardcore video gaming, you need to understand first your reasons why you keep on playing. Maybe you like to play because you want to get rid of boredom. It could be because you are so hooked on the fund and excitement that video games are giving you. Perhaps you just wanted to escape reality and live your life to the fullest. Whatever reasons you may have, those are valid. But, unfortunately, no one can tell you what is right or wrong because, understandably, you live with the moment.

However, if those factors are temporary, why not change them to something productive? So instead of clinging to video games, try to consider replacing the habit with some productive activities. These can include learning new skills, enrolling in a free course, working out, reading books, writing a journal, practicing meditation, etc. Replacing your hardcore video gaming with a productive activity is beneficial as it helps you focus on more important things.

Realize The Importance Of Change In Behavior

Video gaming is not a bad thing, and you need to realize that you do not have to cut it off from your life entirely. But you need to buckle up a little bit and look at the bigger picture. If your hardcore gaming is stressing you out, and if you entirely lose control over it, then figure a process to make it stop. Think about what’s more important at the moment and begin to work on those particular things you want to improve. Give your best and try as much as possible to build a better routine that your overall well-being can benefit from.

But before that, you need to assess your video game addiction for yourself. Ask yourself why you should or shouldn’t stop the habit. Be honest about it. Come up with a better resolution by enumerating the pros and cons of hardcore playing. From there, realize the importance of changing your behavior for the sake of saving your overall health.


Final Thoughts

Changing or removing your hardcore video gaming habit can be tough, especially when it seems already too late. But don’t stop trying. Instead, condition yourself to do better things because you know what way forward best suits you in a healthy and well-balanced life. You have the power to change your lifestyle once you genuinely try and focus. Yes, you may stumble and fall along the way, but you shouldn’t quit trying. Acknowledge that you can be addicted to anything, and hardcore video gaming is just one of those things that can ruin your concentration. Therefore, work your way to a better future. Remember, it is not about what you know because it is always the changes you do that matter.