The 2016 Dallas IT Summit: Upcoming Trends


A knowledge of the 2016 Dallas IT summit is essential to have an awareness of what’s up with information technology and the latest trends that are coming in the future.

So what are some of the latest news, technology, gadgets, and whatnot?

  • A Method Of Shrinking To The Nanoscale. Implosion fabrication is what scientists have discovered as a new method of making things small, “from metal to quantum dots to DNA strands.” The process involves fabricating 3D structures. This means that if nanofabrication works and aims to achieve its full potential, it should be able to allow scientists to target cancer cells, for example, with much precision.
  • 3D-Printed Prosthetic Arm For Kids. Limitless Solutions invented these fully functional prosthetic arms that can hold anything through the use of EMG sensors. And these are free to recipients! Available themes are the Iron Man arm and a recreation of the Master Chef’s gauntlet.


  • AI-Powered Camera Can Capture A Billion Things. Last year, Google Lens introduced a prelude to its newest camera version, releasing 250,000 units. It then progressed, and now Google Lens can recognize names to faces, as it has been provided with more data from photos. Over one billion items can now be identified from Google Shopping. This excludes gaming consoles that are 1990-models and below. However, more than shopping, it is now able to recognize WiFi names, people and geometric shapes. What’s more, it can ANALYZE!
  • A Quiet Retreat For The Dogs. Ford welcomes the New Year’s celebration with its new noise-canceling kennel so that you can bring your dogs along without fear of the fireworks. It has a sound-dampening cork and an automatic entryway that allows our pets to rest during our festivities. Ford calls this an ‘intervention,’ the company’s promotion for the noise-canceling tech that’s part of the Edge SUVs. It includes microphones and speakers that play opposing frequencies to cancel the noise.