A SMART Advice On How To Find The Best Cooling Pad

Cooling pads are probably among the most underrated computer accessories of all time. They keep laptops from overheating when you work or play with it for hours on end. They also minimize the risk of having to purchase a new device in case excessive usage makes the software slower than ever.

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In case you plan on getting a cooling pad for the first time or replacing your old accessory, let us share our S-M-A-R-T advice on how to find the best one.

Settle for flexibility.

Right off the bat, appreciate a cooling mat that can show versatility. For sure, you can bring your laptop anywhere, but the same needs to go for the pad so that it can continue serving its purpose.

The ideal product has a cushion underneath to place it on top of your lap effortlessly. The ventilation points should be of comfortable dimensions too as that’ll allow the air to flow better. If it has legs, they have to be adjustable to prevent your back and neck from strains.

Make wise decisions about ports.

The number of free USB ports is highly essential, especially for people who have a lot to plug into their computer. A cooling pad already takes one of those once you use it; that’s why we recommend purchasing an accessory that has its own set of ports.

The advantage of doing so is that it can generate electricity for other devices once connected to the laptop. Thus, your actual charging dock won’t have a jungle of cables all over it.

Aim for quality.

High-end prices don’t always match the quality of the merchandise. We’re not generalizing here, but there have been cooling devices that seem top-notch on the outside but are genuinely trashy on the inside. Likewise, we’ve also seen products that don’t look too appealing in the beginning, yet they provide more excellent airflow than the rest. For that reason, you have to be very meticulous about choosing your cooler pad and ideally test it out before paying.

Resolve if you want a fan or not.

Cooling mat manufacturers are quite innovative with their goods, in the sense that some have rotating fans while others don’t. The latter choice is the silent, modern type that’s usually crafted from heat-proof materials such as wood and aluminum. The former option can be a mixture of plastic and metal and will create a noise when operating.

When it comes to effectivity, a pad that doesn’t have a fan doesn’t help cool down the computer. It’s cool in case you’re working on a table and just want a mat to slightly elevate your laptop. If you wish to protect your gadget from overheating, though, take one with fans attached to it.

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Think of the size.

Our final advice is to get a cooling pad that matches the weight and dimensions of your computer. It’ll be futile to place a 10-inch mat under a 15-inch laptop because it won’t cover the entire base of the device.