Behavioral Health: How Technology Can Help

Are you aware that the number of people who have mental or behavioral health problems has increased over the past few years? A quick look at the recent statistics in this field would reveal that many individuals now have psychological disorders and mental illnesses. Even the latest news would tell you that the rate of suicide has increased around the globe. The sickening part of all is that some of these suicides have been committed as part of a crime, wherein the suspect would kill not only himself but also those surrounding him. The classic illustration or example of this is the occurrence of mass shootings in different states.


New technological innovations designed to improve mental health are both exciting and frightening. — Frederick Muench Ph.D.

Because of this, it is now crucial for all of us to spread mental health awareness. People need to understand that there are several ways on how to treat or handle depression and extreme sadness. With the recent or latest advancements in the field of technology, it is now easier to combat these problems. In this article, we are going to look at a particular angle wherein the existence of technology can help everyone experience improvement in mental health.

Here is a list of things on how innovations can improve one’s mental health:

Online Therapy Is Now Possible

With the presence of the Internet and handheld devices, it is now easier for people to find licensed therapist online. They do not need to go to the physical office of the mental health expert before they can get the right professional help for their mental condition. As such, it enables them to save more time and money since they can attend sessions at the convenience of their own home.

The best part about online therapy services is that the clients can have several options when it comes to choosing the licensed therapist. Many companies are engaged in this kind of industry, which means that interested individuals can have many choices to choose from.

Creation Of Apps For Treating Mental Illnesses

Nowadays, there are already tons of smartphone apps that anyone can download. Some of these applications focus on helping users overcome their mental health problems. For example, there is a downloadable app that allows a person to say no to his addiction, particularly smoking or drinking. The app will remind the user to continue living a clean life as it has provided him several benefits. The user usually sees these advantages on his dashboard such as the amount he saves since he quit his addiction. At the same time, this app also contains links to articles that are written to guide its users against going back to the thing that can trigger their addiction.


Online communities based around shared ideas and passions are a vital wellspring of information and action. — Jim Taylor Ph.D.

The Existence of Online Support Groups

Another great advantage of technology is the existence of social media sites wherein people can network, regardless of their location. People can choose among Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora and many more. All these websites have been created to enable users to interact with each other. As such, they usually have a feature wherein people can ask questions, and someone can answer them.

The nice or best thing about these is that the online groups usually become a source of support system for individuals who are battling with their mental condition. These groups become an avenue wherein people with problems can open up about what they are feeling and receive love in return from others. Sending messages and commenting on posts have become more convenient for everyone.

Online Resources Are Now Available

Some people find it hard to understand their current situation. It is the primary reason why they end up searching for a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. However, some topics have been discussed in online journals or articles written by mental health experts themselves. These resources are usually posted in forums and online publications. As such, people can get access to them quickly.


Therefore, anyone can read what is written in the journals. Nonetheless, it is still crucial for everyone to be careful when it comes to understanding these materials. Be sure to verify the sources before believing what you read. It is also best to check up with a real professional therapist so that you can get better answers to your questions.

Technology is not going to start make mindful choices on our behalf. It is us, the humans using technology, who must make mindful choices for ourselves, take ownership of our behavior, if we want to regain control and bring our lives back into sync with what really matters to us. — Nancy Colier LCSW, Rev.