Excellent PC’s For Crypto-Mining


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Crypto-mining is a computer operation which involves the extraction of cryptocurrency tokens from a network in the blockchain by continuously running and computing sets of an algorithm. There is a need for high-end computer parts to mine crypto-tokens efficiently. As a result, the prices of GPUs and other computer peripherals have gone up with the booming of crypto-mining businesses. However, if you are resolute with your decision in crypto-mining, you need to know the right computer requirements before you start. We do not recommend this venture because the PC’s you need are quite expensive but we are willing to help you anyways.

PCs You Should Consider Buying

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We have here an index of PCs that are capable for you to start your crypto-mining.

MSI Infinite A: It is a good computer rig if you are planning on crypto-mining 24/7. Additionally, it is also excellent for gaming purposes due to its capable parts and an excellent cooling system which can push it to run for long periods of time without the worry of overheating your rig.

Origin Millennium: If you need more mining power then it is the right rig to buy due to its ability to accommodate two GPUs. You can imagine putting two graphics card of EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition coupled with Intel Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X processor for superior mining power. However, be prepared to spend a colossal amount of money for you to complete this rig’s components

CyberPowerPC: It is essentially one of the best PC choices for most crypto-miners. Most miners equip it with 7800X processors and Dual GTX 1070. The power of Dual GTX 1070 is worlds apart in comparison to any single graphics card you can find. The dual graphics card will also make it a good gaming PC if ever you decide to stop your mining venture. It is a splendid rig to start on if you have enough funds because you are capable of compressing a lot of mining potency in one pc.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M900: This rig has an excellent price to efficiency ratio for your crypto-mining operation. It has the right amount of speed and power in combination with its reliability to run for long periods of time during the mining process. Additionally, it has a lot of space for upgrade and future expansion plans. However, you may find yourself lacking the ports you need aside from essential components that are usually present.

HP Pavilion GTX 1060 With 3GB: It is undeniably one of the cheapest PCs for your crypto-mining projects. The complete setup is not too impressive, but it is enough to play modern games in low to medium settings while enabling you to mine during hours out of playtime. It is an efficient machine for everyday use, and it is also the ideal startup rig if you are a beginner in the crypto-mining business.

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The list above just contains examples of complete rigs which can be a basis if you plan on building a custom mining rig of your own. You can opt to do experiments and different combinations that suit your needs. I hope that this little guide has given you the help you need to start your venture in cryptocurrency mining.