The Best VR Headsets In The Market




We are now at a time when the game technology is slowly merging our five senses to play games in a more realistic and immersive way. The release of new VR headsets for virtual reality gaming is proof of this milestone. Although it is a technology slowly gaining popularity, it is entirely new to the market for most gamers and is currently still in its initial phase. As a result, most players can find if pressingly hard in looking for the VR headset they need for VR gaming purposes.

The List

We made a list of the best VR headsets currently in the market to help players find the gadget that is compatible with their pc, console, and mobile. It is to help them satisfy their augmented reality needs without wasting time and money in acquiring a powerful VR system.


Sony PlayStation VR – The Best Console Gaming VR gadget. It produces stunning virtual augmentation performance, which is astonishing for a console gaming gadget. It can offer 100 degrees of console field gaming vision and motion sensing devices such as the Eye tracking system of PlayStation, accelerometer, and gyroscope for immersive gameplay. The most impressive thing regarding PlayStation VR is that it has a numerous selection of games available.


Samsung Gear VR – The Best Mobile VR gadget. It is quite big compared to other smartphone VR gadgets around. The gear comes with a motion controller, which has secure Bluetooth pairing capabilities. It also has USB-C port for charging purposes and circular touchpad for smoother controls. The Samsung Gear VR has a multitude of games waiting for players to browse if they feel like trying out a lot of games.


HTC Vive – Best VR Gaming Gadget: It is undeniably ahead of its competitors when it comes to VR functions. It sports a display with 2160 x 1200 resolution, which is currently the highest resolution VR headset besides the Oculus Rift. Additionally, it comes with a fast refresh rate of 90Hz and has 110 degrees of peripheral field of vision for gaming with two 1080p screens for great visuals. It also offers room-scale tracking function with a walking area of 4.5 x 4.5m for leg-movement rather than using an analog controller to walk which increases gaming presence. It is quite expensive, and the compatibility requirements for PC are a bit harsh which a bit depressing.

Oculus Rift – Best VR for Comfortability and Power: It is the one that started the craze in Virtual Reality gaming. It is the choice of many players due to the comfort it provides during gameplay while having the same power as the HTC Vive. However, it lacks the room-scale tracking function that HTC Vive has which players need to buy a separate sensor for this feature to be added. It is a lot easier to set up compared to Vive which is quite good for non-tech savvy players.





Every VR headset has its strengths and weaknesses. It is all about what suits you the best and what is compatible with your device. We hope it helped you in choosing the gadget you need to enjoy your VR gaming experience.