Women’s View – Gaming Addiction Can Ruin A Relationship

In our recent generation of relationship struggles, the problem with video game addiction escalated higher compared to the past few years. Though innovation is highly acceptable, the root of most relationship problems among teens and adults happens to be something we thought could never exist.

If you’ve ever seen someone zombifying in front of a screen for hours while playing Halo, World of Warcraft, or EVE online, you probably wouldn’t need to debate video game addiction’s legitimacy. — Ryan G Van Cleave Ph.D.

Impacting Games

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Most women feel the pressure of not letting their significant others play video games due to the inconsistency of the game itself. They think that the more they allow their partners to indulge themselves in gaming, they would eventually become less productive. In some cases, their other half’s addiction creates complications in identifying fantasy and reality. Sometimes, the games even take control of their everyday lives and influence themselves with too much violence.

It Takes Too Much Time

When a man becomes addicted to video games, he loses his self-control. He will spend most of his time in front of the computer and think that everything is still okay. He will eventually disregard his priorities and consider gaming as part of his existence. It causes a severe complication in a relationship because there’s going to be less time to talk about important issues in life. It will weaken the communication and eventually tear the connection apart.

They were apparently playing video games not so much because they enjoyed playing, but more because gaming diverted their attention from serious problems they didn’t want to think about. — Peter Gray Ph.D.

Emotionally Absent

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Gaming addiction is something that needs assistance because it keeps two people apart from each other. The gamer may seem to be physically present, but the emotional attachment is apparently nowhere to be found. It creates a boundary to both men and women in a relationship that causes misunderstandings, fear, guilt, and sadness at some point.

Impossible Adjustments

People who are addicted to gaming develop problematic emotional and psychological issues because they can no longer adapt and adjust to a real-life situation. The game itself tries to separate them from the real world. The gaming experience hinders them from strengthening their interpersonal skills and eventually leaves their responsibilities hanging. Therefore, it creates a massive impact on a relationship because there’s no room for minor and huge adjustments.

Our online and offline lives have now blended together so completely that one is not possible without the other. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

Losing Track Of Social Life

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The reason why women see the addictive gaming experience as something that damages a relationship is the lack of social interaction. They feel that when their significant others lock themselves in a game, they will become anti-social which is somehow true to some extent. The gamer will lose all his social interaction skills and eventually end up having a different personality. From there, a drastic change in the romantic relationship is soon to happen.

Health Deterioration

Video game addiction affects relationships because it affects a person’s health as well. In severe cases, some men will eventually disregard their hygiene and won’t consider grooming themselves. They ultimately stop eating healthy foods and will deprive themselves of sleep. In the end, it will, unfortunately, deteriorate their health and soon will lose focus on their mental and physiological needs.

It is funny how most women think about video games as a competitor when it comes to their boyfriend or spouse’s attention. But honestly, there’s more to it that needs proper assistance. It’s not only about the addiction to playing video games, but rather the impact it can give in a person’s life and relationship.