How Video Gaming Addiction Can Severely Affect You


People tend to see video gaming addiction as something that kills their relationships. Sometimes, they even consider it as one of the underlying sources of misunderstanding in communication. Apparently, there is some truth that supports the issue. But have you noticed how it single-handedly affects you? Here are considerably a few things that can happen when your video gaming addiction consumes you.

The Course Of Your Life Change – When you feel that you have to spend more time playing video games and don’t feel the need of stopping, then everything you consider important will eventually become an idea. You will develop a different view of your priorities and won’t be able to allow yourself to grow. You become stuck in isolation that will soon lead you to depression and extreme sadness. You’ll experience difficulties in balancing life as well.

While most video gamers show few problems, some experts suggest that around 10 to 12 percent can be considered addicts who spend 10 hours a day or more on gaming. — Romeo Vitelli Ph.D.

You’ll Forget The Meaning Of Happiness – You may think that playing video games non-stop is something that makes you happy. Though it does in some ways, it will never be enough reason to fulfill something inside of you. Eventually, you’ll find yourself playing not because you’re happy but because you know you have to. You’ll lose control of yourself and think of gaming as your excuse for disregarding a lot of better things in life.


You Isolate Yourself From Everything – Your gaming addiction may present you tons of different worlds in your computer screen, but it’ll never be enough compared to the things you might see and experience outside of your comfort zone. Keeping yourself away from the things that can help your overall development is something that you’ll regret in the long run. Your lack of appreciation on the things that surround you will make you realize that you have a sad, boring, and depressive life.

In a world where others disapprove of video gaming and are continuously nagging the gamer to play less, it is hardly surprising that some would lie about how much they play. — Peter Gray Ph.D.

You’ll Become Unhealthy – Since your gaming experience becomes your priority, you seldom see things that keep you healthy. You don’t try to eat nutritious food and won’t come out in the sun. You’ll often experience weakness and fatigue. In worst cases, you’ll deprive yourself of sleep and will not consider your hygiene anymore.  That’s all because you’re too busy spending too much time playing video games.

You’ll Develop The Longest Obsession – You may consider gaming as something that entertains you, but soon enough, it will become your way to obsession. Once you get trapped in a situation that everything else doesn’t matter anymore, you’ll soon realize that you don’t have a life. Your emotional needs become drastically affected, and you will not consider the necessity of having someone by your side. Then you become all alone by yourself.


You’ll Fail In Decision Making – Due to the overly spent time in playing video games, there’ll be no room for learning. You’ll end up losing the capability to assess yourself and will end up having difficulties in making a decision. Everything that you thought you knew will get stuck in some place in your mind that will eventually lead you to frustration, anger, and loneliness.

Researchers studying the issue have come up with a variety of terms for the problem including pathological play, compulsive internet use, or problematic internet use, among others. — Erin Walsh, M.A. and David Walsh, Ph.D.

Video gaming addiction is something that you should at least try to control. It will not be that easy, but if you try to evaluate things that happened or might have happened, you’ll see that the damages it can bring are something that can take you to your doom.