New Treatments That Give Hope For Cancer Patients

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The gathering of clinicians, researchers, and people with cancer themselves happened at the 2017 Cancer Conference in Liverpool. There was a discussion on cancer research and the collaboration of cancer industry representatives in order to improve research and developments about the disease. The Dragon’s Den is a popular part of the conference where there is an opportunity to meet and share knowledge between carers and patients regarding research and treatment.

Currently, there are breakthrough cancer treatments that have been proven to improve the symptoms of cancer patients that have done clinical trials and even those who were willing to pay a little more to see some improvement in their condition. Here are two popular cancer advances that are giving hope to cancer patients today.

Immunotherapy. A person’s immune system takes down and kills foreign substances that invade his body – substances like viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, cancer has found a way to become undetected by the body’s immune system, which is why it can grow despite its efforts to get rid of it. Immunotherapy is a kind of treatment that helps one’s immune system to find these cancer cells, attack them, and kill them. it works in two ways: boosting one’s immune system and prevent cancer cells from hiding.

Some immunotherapy treatments that have been tried and proven include monoclonal antibodies, which are created to destroy cancer cell antigens. Other antibodies are intentionally attached to toxic substances that kill the cancer cells. Checkpoint inhibitors are also popularly used. They block ‘checkpoints’ on the cancer cells to assist T cells in finding cancer. These checkpoint inhibitors have been proven to treat cancers of the bladder, kidneys, and liver. Finally, cancer vaccines are some of the most commonly utilized types of immunotherapy treatments. They also help detect cancer cells in the body and have been proven to alleviate prostate cancer symptoms.

Medical staff at David Grant USAF Medical Center view monitors while performing video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery to remove the upper left lobe of a cancer patient's lung Feb. 26, 2019 at Travis Air Base, California. During the procedure, surgeons inserted a tiny camera (thoracoscope) into the patient’s chest through two small incisions. The thoracoscope transmits images to monitors, guiding the surgeons in performing the procedure. (U.S. Air Force photo by Heide Couch)


Gene-based Therapy. The study of the changes in the genetic makeup of one’s DNA, genomics, has given doctors relevant clues as to what kind of treatments are best for specific types of cancer. They explore mutation in cancer genes to help provide a diagnosis, predict outcomes, find the best treatment, and finally determine whether or not the treatment is actually working. Currently, scientists are continuing to discover new therapies based on these gene changes. They believe that studies on this treatment could lead to improved treatments in the coming years.

Women’s View – Gaming Addiction Can Ruin A Relationship

In our recent generation of relationship struggles, the problem with video game addiction escalated higher compared to the past few years. Though innovation is highly acceptable, the root of most relationship problems among teens and adults happens to be something we thought could never exist.

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A Gamer’s Confession: An Affair I Know I Shouldn’t Have


My relationship with my girlfriend was almost perfect. We used to be best buddies, and we shared the same daily activities. From going to the office and spending our time in front of the computer playing League of Legends and DOTA2, everything was perfect. I could say that this was the kind of relationship I honestly wanted in my life.

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I Lost My Wife Because Of My Video Gaming Addiction


An extreme case of video game addiction is Hawaii’s Craig Smallwood, who recently leveled a lawsuit against the makers of Lineage II, saying that he became so addicted that he had problems “getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends.” — Ryan G Van Cleave Ph.D.

It was an incredible five years of marriage that ended up in a divorce recently. My wife’s ground for our legal separation was irreconcilable differences and physical assault. I honestly don’t understand why everything turned out to be uncontrolled when in fact we were supposed to be a happily married couple. It just happened too fast.

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How Video Games Almost Destroyed My Relationship

It’s common for marriage to experience its ups and downs for quite a while. As long as both of you are responsible enough to handle the situation, then there’s going to be no problem if ever. However, I have experienced a marital difficulty that somehow lasted for a couple of months now. That’s all because of me and my husband’s gaming addiction.


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How Video Gaming Addiction Can Severely Affect You


People tend to see video gaming addiction as something that kills their relationships. Sometimes, they even consider it as one of the underlying sources of misunderstanding in communication. Apparently, there is some truth that supports the issue. But have you noticed how it single-handedly affects you? Here are considerably a few things that can happen when your video gaming addiction consumes you.

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Video Game Addiction Management

Video Game Addiction Treatment

Know someone who has video game addiction, then read this article about possible treatments for addiction to video games.

excessive playing addiction

This addiction has become increasingly rampant and available interventions must be discussed.

Due to the enhanced graphics, people spend too much time playing that it becomes an addiction requiring video games addiction treatment. Presently, video game addiction is known as a type of addiction that is comparable to gambling addiction and other types of addiction. Hence, treatment for video game addiction is becoming popular.

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On Goal Setting in Counseling and Therapy

Counseling and Therapy

There are many ways of setting the ideas for counseling.

This article is about goal setting in psychotherapy and achieving therapy goals, something that is important for those who are seeing a mental health professional. In counseling and psychotherapy, realistic goals must be established, which is why an effective therapeutic process and treatment plan this is crucial.

The thought of providing online counseling and therapy as a means of mental health support can be comfortable and stressful at the same time. If there is no focus, the treatment goals and other important goals would be diffcult to attain.

One should consider the essential counseling goals that come along with the services.  The importance of information technology (IT) is a useful way to generate the kind of online therapy that a therapist or counselor can offer. It will help in goal setting, in providing effective therapy sessions and a valuable tool of assisting many clients that need proper counseling and powerful coping mechanisms for everyday life. Research shows that a positive therapy experience is an important factor in helping clients increase their self confidence, eliminate bad habits, and start therapy with success in their minds – to achieve the smaller goals and then set goals to achieve the more challenging goals, more specific goals.

Introduction: Goal Setting In Therapy And Counseling

goal setting in counseling and therapy

While most individuals immediately think of traditional talk therapy sessions as the primary path toward personal development, there is a long history of using technologies for the diagnosis and therapy of psychological disorders. — Frederick Muench Ph.D.

Problems that hinder progress and success

How to Avoid Counseling Burnout

Since the Internet is a great tool and can have a vast amount of access to all the different types of persons who need online counseling and mental health services, the list of considerations must be of top priority in achieving success. Primary questions must be answered in every counseling process to be able to determine if a counselor can deliver the quality results that his clients would need because the client’s life and well being is partly his responsibility. He must see the big picture when it comes to his clients – to be able to set goals and identify tools that would help clients foster his relationships, improve his self confidence, master self care, and get out of his comfort zone for positive growth.

Below are more details on goal setting in therapy and counseling. You’ll also learn about counseling and therapy goals.

What Are Therapy Goals?

Are you a licensed counselor?

One of the significant things that you have to attain and focus on before practicing an online counseling practice is the ability to obtain legit credentials. You have to at least complete accredited requirements to be able to get a license from the state’s counselor licensure board or the National Board of Certified Counselors. Most states also require you to go through an interview process to know what your desired outcomes are.

Online Therapy For Specific Goals/Setting Realistic And Actionable Goals

Assuming that you have completed all the requirements and are licensed to be able to practice therapy and counseling, you have to determine if you are fit for the job. Are you certain that you will be a success in the practice? Will you be able to create a strong action plan and achieve your client’s desired outcomes? Are you focused on attaining an effective counseling relationship with your clients to reach common goals? You should be able to assess yourself on the essential factors (such as mental, psychological, and emotional) that make a competent counselor for the growth and personal development of your clients.

Work collaboratively and flexibly during therapy and counseling sessions

– One of the main factors of goal setting in counseling or therapy setup is determining your availability. You have to consider the schedule of your clients and work with comfort and convenience. It may sound simple but if you imagine doing goal setting in therapy and regularly monitoring the growth and progress of your clients to achieve concrete goals, it’s not simple at all. Both the online counselor and clients should be able to offer easy access to communication through the use of technology such as meeting programs that include the use of fundamentals of visual and audio. The client/therapist relationship must be a collaborative one in order to have a smooth goal setting and therapeutic process.

easy access to communication through the use of technology

Video chat has allowed for people in remote areas to receive therapy. Those with more pervasive disorders that benefit from more availability of his/her therapist can have their needs met with the ability to reach their therapist via cell-phone or texting. — William Berry, LMHC., CAP.

Goal Setting Online

Once you decide to offer services online, you need to consider the different means of online communication. Since you will become a provider of online counseling sessions, your clients must have easy access to your service. Therefore, you should be able to apply specific knowledge on the different types of communication such as video calls, phone calls, emails, voice recordings, and live chats and be able to identify which medium is best for each of your clients.

What do you get from goal setting for therapy or counseling? How do you achieve an effective goal setting process?

Discover the Power of Goal Setting

Can You Ensure the Confidentiality Of The Counseling Session And The Whole Process?

Since most of the websites use safe and unsafe encrypted forms of the program, it is your sole obligation to protect your clients from different cases of technological failures. You must seek the required technical assistance to avoid a situation of identity fraud. You cannot start with your goal setting process if there is no trust between client and counselor or therapist.


counseling and therapy

Are You Aware Of The Policies?

Online therapy and counseling is a process that offers direct service to a client who needs proper counseling. However, it is the sole obligation of the counseling expert to follow an applicable code of ethics that a website is required. The policy lies under Section A. 12 of the American Counseling Association (ACA) focuses on the importance of distance therapy or counseling with the use of social media and technology.

Apps will never replace the essential role of a therapist or counselor, but it’s heartening to see such how they’re helping therapists to do an even better job. — John Smith Ph.D.

Counseling for mental health

The counseling process is considered the best choice for people who currently have problems regarding their mental and psychological needs while technology is an essential factor for progress in a futuristic online service. The combination can provide convenience and comfort to a person to be able to reach for immediate help and achieve success in life.


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  6. How do you write a smart goal in counselling?

Do Cyber Addicts Need Psychiatric Help?

There is a broad definition when it comes to how much people spend time on the internet. It can start by scanning photos on social media, playing some online video games, and shopping a couple of things online. Though technology is an endless source of convenience, people are advised to pay more attention to the mental health conditions associated with the use of the internet.


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A DIY Guide To Installing A New Operating System For Windows


Microsoft has been encouraging its users to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 ever since the version came out. They even offered a free update to people who have Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 for one year. And many of them were glad to make that decision.

From carrying out commands to downloading new apps, you can do all that in one click of a button. Gaming enthusiasts may also love the effect of DirectX12 on the graphics, audio,and video. The AI Cortana can schedule and pull up appointments, among others, for you too.

In case you’ll just obtain this operating system (OS) now, it’s effortless to install it on your own. You only need to know the steps before and during the installation process.

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